These months of quarantine have opened our eyes to many life lessons. For the Church, it is staying connected to our parishioners and finding new ways to communicate with everyone. We have email, messaging through our parish app, and Facebook, but that only reaches those of you who have downloaded the app or have your email registered in our database. We have discovered that we have old emails and phone numbers in our records, so we are kicking off a campaign to get our records updated so we can communicate in a more efficient and effective manner. We are launching a new system, Evangeluswhich will improve our ability to communicate with you.

This week, you may receive a message from Evangelus. This is Not Spam, but rather it is your invitation to our new communication system. You will click on the link to create a profile and let us know if you prefer to receive our messages by email or by text. If you are an EMHC or lector, in a small group or have children in religious education, you will also be invited to join your groups to receive messages relating to your ministries. It is important to have a direct connection to the members of our parish and Evangeluswill do that for us. You don’t have to wait until you get an email. You can get connected right away by following the instructions below:

  • Visit then click Register to Join, or
  • Text accboca to 55321

Let us know if you prefer to receive emails or text messages from us. Follow the response to update your profile and select email or text messages as your preferred form of contact.

You can also find and join the groups and ministries you are a part of. For more info or assistance, email Cindy at