Baptism in the Church

Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life and is the door which gives us access to all the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from original sin and reborn as sons and daughters of God.

To inquire about Baptism for a child, please email and someone will reach out to you. Please note that we require an active connection to Ascension parish, either by parent registration for at least 3 months or a registered, active family member.

FAQs For Parents

How do I register for Baptism?

You will need to email or call the parish office during business hours at (561)-997-5486.

Are there requirements for the parents?

  • At least one parent must be a practicing Catholic
  • Parents must take our baptism preparation class
  • Parents must be registered, contributing members at Ascension for at least 3 months orĀ  have a family member that meets these requirments.

Do parents need to be members of the parish?

Parents must have a connection to Ascension.

  • Parents are registered members of Ascension for at least 3 months.
  • Parents have close family who are registered members of Ascension for at least 3 months.

When are Baptisms held?

Baptisms are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 1:00pm.

Can we have another Priest or Deacon perform the Baptism?

Yes. Please request this when you contact us about the baptism.

Is there a cost for Baptism?

The suggested donation is $100 to the Deacon or Priest who performs the Baptism.

FAQs for Godparents

Are there requirements for the Godparents?

  • Both godparents must be practicing, Confirmed Catholics.
  • Godparents must take a baptism preparation class at Ascension or at their own parish
  • Any Godparent from another parish must present a sponsor letter from their parish before the baptism

How old can a Godparent be?

All Godparents must be 16 years of age or older.

Can there be more than 2 Godparents?

  • There can only be 2 official Godparents
  • Godparents are a Godmother and a Godfather
  • There cannot be 2 Godmothers or 2 Godfathers
  • There can also be just one Godparent

What if a Godparent is out of town and cannot attend the baptism?

You can have a stand-in for the Godparent. Please let us know in advance.

Interested in becoming Catholic?

If you are an adult seeking Baptism or thinking about becoming Catholic, your next step is RCIA.