The Worship Technology Ministry is responsible for what is seen and heard during both the in-person and livestream Masses. From displaying the readings and lyrics to controlling camera operations for our livestream, this exciting ministry has a place for anyone interested in technology and media.

We currently have openings available, and encourage anyone interested to take the first step today by filling out our Ministry & Missions Interest Form or email for more information.

ProPresenter Operator

ProPresenter Operators control the scripture and song slide displays used for worship at Mass. This is an easy and accessible task for most people, and we encourage anyone who is interested to fill out a Ministry & Mission Interest Form to get started.

Livestream Producers

Livestream Producers are responsible for paying attention to the actions of the Mass and directing Camera Operators on where to focus during our livestream Masses. Producers should have a knowledge of Liturgy and understand how all the parts of the Mass work together to create a beautiful worship experience for our Online Parishioners.

Get started today by filling out our Ministry & Missions Interest Form.

Livestream Operators

Our Livestream Operators are trained to manage what is seen and heard during our livestream Masses. They work under the direction of the Livestream Producer to capture the best views of the action during Mass by operating the cameras and sound mixer. Livestream Operators also control and monitor the software to ensure dropouts or failures do not occur during the stream.