The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Holy Eucharist. Those who receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ should be in a state of grace and in communion with the Catholic Church. The Eucharist is distributed by the Priest, Deacon, or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) at every Mass. EMHCs may also bring Communion to those unable to attend Mass.

Holy Eucharist for the Sick and Homebound

To have Communion brought to you at home or in the hospital, contact or call the parish office at (561) 997-5486.

If you are interested in becoming an EMHC, visit the Liturgical Ministries page for more information.

First Eucharist for Children and Adults

Visit the other pages on our site for more information on signing your child up for First Communion or receiving the Sacrament for the first time yourself as an Adult.